Keyboard Shortcuts in Translation Editor

To speed up the translation process, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts in TranslatePress Editor.

  • CTRL ( ⌘ ) + S – Save translation for the currently editing strings
  • CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + Z – Discard all changes for the currently editing strings
  • CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + (Right Arrow) – Navigate to next string to translate
  • CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + (Left Arrow) – Navigate to previous string to translate

Translators can save time by using the keyboard to perform key actions instead of using the mouse cursor to click the corresponding action buttons.

CTRL ( ⌘ ) + S

Saving translations using this shortcut allows you to maintain your focus on the task instead of looking for the Save translation button.

CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + Z

Discarding unwanted changes can be done much easier with this shortcut. This will Discard changes for the selected string and available meta information (such as title, alt or image source) in the sidebar, in all the languages.

CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + (Left Arrow)
CTRL ( ⌘ ) + ALT + (Right Arrow)

Navigate to next or previous string of the page using these two commands.

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