DeepL Automatic Translation

The DeepL Automatic Translation Add-on is only available with a Developer or Business licence.

The DeepL Automatic Translation add-on for TranslatePress lets you automatically translate your website through the DeepL API.

DeepL is a very powerful machine translation tool backed by artificial intelligence and neural networks.

To check the list of supported languages, please go to this page and look at the Example Response.

Installing the DeepL Automatic Translation Add-on

The add-on is available for download from your account.

Once downloaded it can be installed just like any normal WordPress plugin.

How to generate DeepL API key

In order to use the API, you will need to get an API key.

DeepL offers free API access that allows you to translate up to 500,000 characters per month for free.

If you need more than that, you can purchase a DeepL Pro API subscription:

The package that contains API access is listed under For Developers -> DeepL API and it costs 4.99€ + usage fees.

After you’ve created the account for DeepL go to your Account page where you will find your API key:

Copy the API key, then go to Settings -> TranslatePress -> Automatic Translation, select DeepL, choose your API version (free or paid) and enter your key.

Cost Control

From your DeepL Account Page you can also control the overall costs that you might experience by using the API.

To do this, go to your DeepL Account Page and then click on Change cost control settings.

To activate cost control, check the box and then you can configure the Maximum total monthly price and the Maximum total monthly usage.

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