TranslatePress comes with a few addons to make your website translation process even easier. Learn everything you need to know about each TranslatePress addon:

SEO PackTranslatePress SEO Pack Addon

Translate SEO elements. Get SEO support for page slugs, page titles, descriptions, and social graph information and multilingual sitemap support for all popular SEO plugins.

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Multiple LanguagesMultiple Languages Addon

The addon that lets you add unlimited new languages to your website. Translate your website into as many languages as you want and make it truly multilingual.

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Translator AccountsTranslatePress Translator Accounts Addon

Add translator accounts to your website to help you translate your content without having to deal with the WordPress back-end.

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Browse as User RoleTranslatePress Browse as User Roles Addon

Easily navigate your website from the perspective of any user role. This add-on helps you go through dynamic content or content that is restricted to particular users much easier.

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Navigation Based on LanguageTranslatePress  Navigation Based on Language Addon

Configure your website menus based on each language added. This TranslatePress addon lets you display different menu items for each language your website is translated into.

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Automatic User Language DetectionAutomatic Language Detection Addon

Automatically detect each user’s default language and redirect them directly to their preferred language based on their IP address or browser settings.

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DeepL Automatic TranslationTranslatePress DeepL Automatic Translation Addon

Replace manual translation of your website content with automatic machine translation, using the DeepL API.

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