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TranslatePress AI, your ultimate AI website translator, combines the best neural machine translation engines into one integrated solution that offers website owners instant and high-quality AI website translation.

Leverage Best In Class AI Translators

Your entire website content is automatically translated using a combination of the world’s leading neural machine AI translation services, such as DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator.

Maximal Translation Accuracy

TranslatePress AI will choose the most suitable machine translation engine for any given language pair, employing artificial intelligence to ensure maximal translation accuracy.

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Go 100x Faster! Remove the Slow, Manual Effort of Translating your WordPress Website

With each premium TranslatePress license, you get a set number of words automatically translated by our AI translator.

Just enter your license key, choose your target languages, enable Automatic Translation, and let TranslatePress AI handle the rest.

That’s it! Your website is now fully translated into your chosen languages using AI.

You can easily make any necessary tweaks using the visual translation editor and, as your website grows, you can purchase more automatically translated words from your account.

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Put Your Content Translation on Autopilot


With TranslatePress AI, new content on your website is automatically translated as you go. You won’t need to manually review or translate it unless you prefer to.


TranslatePress AI detects and translates any new content or changes, including SEO metadata, ensuring your AI website translations are up to date and follow multilingual SEO best practices.

Watch your Multilingual Traffic and Conversions Increase

Once your website has been translated, you’ll start seeing your translated content rank in multiple languages. Going multilingual is a proven way to increase both website traffic and conversion rates.

TranslatePress AI is the future of website translation. By putting your website translation on autopilot, you’ll save tons of time, effort, and money.

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