WordPress Translation Plugin Comparison TranslatePress vs. free and paid alternatives

WordPress Translation Plugin Comparison

The table below illustrates some of the most important features when searching for a WordPress translation plugin and how TranslatePress compares to other multilingual solutions.

Features TranslatePress WPML Polylang Pro Multilingual Press Bablic GTranslate
Translation Interface ?From where do you translate your content WordPress frontend WordPress backend WordPress backend WordPress backend Bablic cloud interface GTranslate cloud interface
Translate all types of content ? Check out the detailed comparison table below 10/10 8/10 6.5/10 7.5/10 8/10 8/10
Main translation focus Both Manual Manual Manual Automatic Automatic
Automatic translation support ?If it integrates with automatic translation services, such as Google Translate
Edit automatic translations ?Ability to edit the automatic translated content
  ?Requires a paid version
Where are translations stored Your database Your database Your database Your database Bablic servers GTranslate servers
Will you keep your translations if you stop paying ?Will you be able to use the translated content if you decide to cancel your subscription?
SEO friendly ? Separate URLs for each translated version, ability to translate URL slug, SEO plugin support, ability to add the hreflang attribute
WooCommerce compatibility ?Out of the box WooCommerce compatibility, allowing you to translate products, attributes, shop page etc.
  ?Requires a paid extra plugin
Theme and Plugins compatibility ?Works out of the box with ANY theme or plugin, including page builders
Partially ?Requires extra compatibility code added by theme or plugin developers
Partially ?Cannot handle dynamic gettext strings and cannot translate images.
Uses existing Gettext translations ?Existing translations added by themes, plugins or WordPress itself are recognized and used.
Can edit Gettext translations ?Edit the translated content added by themes, plugins or WordPress itself
Translation Management ? Create or allow existing users to translate the site without admin rights
Integration with Human Translation Services
Editorial Control ?Publish language only when all your translations are done
Automatic language detection ?Detecting language based on IP and/or browser language
Partially ?Only by browser language, not IP
WordPress native ?Whether the plugin is GPL and self hosted
Easy to setup ?Intuitive, few settings, easy to translate all types of content, no switching between multiple translation interfaces
Starting Price Free $29 Free Free 144$/year Free
Premium version from 79€ from 79$ from 99€ 199$ from 144$/year ?With just 1 extra language support from 66$/year ?With just 1 extra language support
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Comparison between different translation plugins based on the ability to translate various types of content

The table below illustrates what types of content each solution is able to translate. Premium versions abilities were considered.

Types of content TranslatePress WPML CMS Polylang Multilingual Press Bablic GTranslate
Posts and Pages
Categories and Tags
Theme and Plugin Texts (Gettext)
Partially ?Cannot handle dynamic strings such as Hello %username% Partially ?Cannot handle dynamic strings such as Hello %username%
Site Title and Description
SEO Attributes
Slug translation
AJAX Content
Partially Partially
Dynamic content
Translate entire paragraph
Database options
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