Change language name

Looking to change the language name displayed in the language switcher?

If you’re using the Full Language Name option for your language switcher it is possible to change the language name that will be displayed to your users using a bit of custom code, by following the steps below:

1. Create an empty plugin like this:

2. Add the following code to the end of it:

 * Change language name. 
 * This is what is shown in the language switcher when full language name is selected.

add_filter( 'trp_beautify_language_name', 'trpc_change_language_name', 10, 3 );
function trpc_change_language_name ($name, $code, $english_or_native ){
	if ( $code == 'fr_CA' ){                // replace with the code of the language to change
		return 'Français (Canada)';     // replace with your desired language name
	return $name;

3. Modify the code by editing the language code and the language name. The rest of the languages will not change.

4. Install this plugin via FTP (copy it inside wp-content/plugins) or create a zip archive with it and install it via the WordPress plugin upload functionality