business translation

How to Master Business Translation

The internet is a world without borders. Your business no longer has to worry about geographical boundaries, but there are plenty of other considerations to make. Your business translation strategy is key for crossing those borders and getting results. There are a few ways to do this, and central will be the tools you use […]
translation memory

The Power of Translation Memory in Localization

If you’re working on a localization project, having access to translation memory software can be really helpful for improving efficiency, ensuring consistency, and reducing costs. But what actually is a translation memory system, and what are the more in-depth reasons that it’s such a necessity for localization? That’s what you’re going to learn about in […]
financial translation services

5 Best Financial Translation Services (+ How to Translate Financial Websites)

Are you looking for the best financial translation services for your business?  In today’s global economy, businesses operate across borders which makes financial translation of business content more important than ever.  Financial translation doesn’t just help maintain financial transparency and compliance with local and international regulations, it also helps foster trust, facilitates global expansion, and […]