Translator Accounts

The Translator Accounts add-on is only available with a Developer or Business license.

Using the Translator Accounts Add-on you can create or allow existing users to translate the site without admin rights.

The translators will be able to translate the website (directly from the front-end) without having to work with the WordPress back-end, site builders or meta boxes.

Install the Translator Accounts Add-on

Install and activate a premium version of TranslatePress (Business or Developer). Once installed, go to Settings → TranslatePress in your WordPress dashboard, and then navigate to the Addons tab.

TranslatePress Settings Addons tab

Scroll down to the Translator Accounts Add-on and Activate it here.

Translator Accounts Add-on

Translator Accounts Features

Create a new user with the Translator role: WordPress → Users → Add New.

Allow existing users to translate the website: WordPress → Users → Edit User → TranslatePress Settings (or by changing their current role to the Translator role).

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