Extra Languages

Adding extra languages to your site is only available with the premium versions of the plugin.

Add multiple languages to your WordPress site

The Extra Languages Add-on allows you to add as many languages as you need to your WordPress site. You can select from a list of 221 secondary languages.

This add-on also gives you editorial control over each language, allowing you to publish a new language only once everything is translated.

Adding extra languages to WordPress site

Install the Extra Languages Add-on

Install and activate any premium version of TranslatePress (Personal, Business, or Developer). Once installed, go to Settings → TranslatePress in your WordPress dashboard, and then navigate to the Addons tab. Activate the Multiple Languages add-on here.

Multiple Languages/Extra Languages Add-on

Configure your menu items

With the add-on active, you can go to Settings → TranslatePress and add as many languages as you want.

How to add extra languages to your site

After adding the desired languages, you will need to save the page by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Save Changes.

You can choose what languages to be displayed for visitors or only to the administrator and the translator of the website by checking/ unchecking the box in front of the language.

Choosing which extra languages to display

The Multiple Languages add-on is only available in the premium versions of the plugin.

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