Language by GET parameter

Note: This addon and functionality is no longer supported. Please use WordPress permalinks with TranslatePress.

WARNING: This is an experimental add-on designed for websites that do not have pretty permalinks enabled. Using this URL language parameter might cause unexpected side effects and its usage is not recommended.

If your website doesn’t have pretty permalinks available you can still use TranslatePress by installing an add-on.

Using the Language by GET parameter Add-on you can encode language in the URL as a GET parameter. Your website will use URLs such as this one:

This will replace the language directory system which uses the following URL format:

There is no need for extra configuration. You just have to activate it and that’s it.

Download Language by GET parameter Add-on

The default GET parameter used is lang. This can be changed using a bit of coding:

  • Create an empty plugin like this:
  • Add the following code to the end of it:
    add_filter( 'trp_gp_lang_parameter', 'trp_gp_change_parameter_name' );
    function trp_gp_change_parameter_name( $name ){
          return 'language';
  • Replace language with the GET parameter of your choice.
  • Install this plugin via FTP (copy it inside wp-content/plugins) or create a zip archive with it and install it via the WordPress plugin upload functionality.

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