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Best WordPress Multilingual Plugin: 4 of the Top Tools Compared

Looking for the best WordPress multilingual plugin? Multilingual plugins can do a lot for your website – especially if you want to take your business international and start publishing your pages in more than one language. In this comparison, we take you through the landscape of the best WordPress multilingual plugins and show you how […]

TranslatePress Free vs Pro

TranslatePress Free vs Pro: Which One Should You Pick?

Wondering whether you should use TranslatePress free vs pro? There are some decisions you’ll have to make when building a multilingual (or bilingual) website, and picking the right tool for the job is among the first ones. In this detailed comparison, we show you the differences between TranslatePress free vs pro, and share advice on […]

Best WordPress Page Builders for Multilingual Sites

5 Best WordPress Page Builders for Multilingual Sites

If you’re building your WordPress website in the year 2020, then you’re probably doing it using one of the best WordPress page builders available on the market.  However, right out the gate, it’s not immediately clear how to make your page builder content multilingual. Is it even possible? Can your custom page designs be translated just […]

WordPress Localization explained banner

WordPress Localization: What It Is and How to Localize Your Website for Foreign Markets

What is WordPress localization, really? The term sounds mysterious enough. ? It’s no wonder that many WordPress website owners have a tough time understanding what WordPress localization is, and how to do it effectively. Is WordPress localization about making your site multilingual and translating it for overseas markets? Is it about displaying a local language […]