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Form translation

Form Translation: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Looking for ways to implement form translation on your WordPress website? Translating forms is a great way to draw more traffic, increase your form’s conversion rates and boost your revenue collection.  In this article, we will show you how to translate a form on your WordPress website using a visual translation tool called TranslatePress. It’s […]

How to Translate a Web Link in WordPress

When you’re building a multilingual website, it’s helpful to know how to translate a web link into the right language. After all, for a website to be truly accessible across different geographies, all of the components must appear in the right language. Learning how to translate a website link can boost the chances of your […]
detect browser language automatically

How to Detect Browser Language Automatically

Allowing users to view content in their preferred language is an essential feature of websites that aim to reach a global audience. As a site owner, you can easily do this by setting up your website to detect browser language automatically. Website translation is no doubt the first step to creating a multilingual website. But […]