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How to Use DeepL to Translate a Website on WordPress

Trying to figure out how to use DeepL to translate a website? DeepL is popular because of its accurate translations. In blind comparison tests by professional translators, DeepL regularly performed better than similar machine translation services from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. But while DeepL offers web and desktop apps that make it easy to translate […]

DeepL vs. Google Translate

DeepL vs Google Translate: Which Is Better? Plus How to Use Them (2021)

Trying to choose between DeepL vs Google Translate for automatic machine translation? If you’re searching for the best machine translation service, you’ve probably come across these two names. But which translation service is better for your needs? That’s the question that we’re going to answer in this post. We’ll compare Google Translate vs DeepL in […]

Make WooCommerce Multilingual for Free

How to Make WooCommerce Multilingual for Free (Easy Method)

Searching for a way to make WooCommerce multilingual for free? If you have an online store with a multilingual audience, going multilingual is a great decision because a significant chunk of people won’t shop at a store if it’s not available in their native language(s). But if you’ve browsed some other WooCommerce translation solutions, you […]

Multilingual Website Guide

Multilingual Website Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in creating a multilingual website? The Internet is a global place, so there’s never been a better time to invest in creating a multilingual experience for your website’s visitors. In our ultimate guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about setting up a multilingual site, including some important theory and best […]

Multilingual Website Examples

10+ Real Multilingual Website Examples (+ How to Create Your Own)

Searching for some multilingual website examples to inspire your own site and give you some ideas for how to implement multilingual functionality? Creating a multilingual site is a great way to reach more people, improve your site’s SEO, and create a better experience for your existing multilingual audience. For that reason, you’ll find a lot […]

Translate WordPress Partially - Exclude content from translation

How to Partially Translate WordPress (Exclude Posts, Pages, or Products)

Looking for a solution to partially translate WordPress and exclude WordPress pages, posts, or products from translation? While a lot of people want to create a fully multilingual site, you also might have some situations where you only want to translate parts of your WordPress website. With the free TranslatePress plugin, you can easily set […]