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Change WooCommerce Langauge tutorial

How to Change WooCommerce Language: Every Situation Covered

Looking for a way to change the WooCommerce language? Because WooCommerce is so popular, it’s already been translated into most of the world’s popular languages, which makes it pretty easy to change the language of your store. However, there are a few different ways that you can change your store’s language, which is why we […]

WordPress Custom Language tutorial

How to Add Any Custom Language in WordPress (Even Klingon!)

Need to set up a WordPress custom language for your site? While WordPress offers built-in support for a large number of languages, it’s not comprehensive and there are some languages that have slipped through the cracks. Unfortunately, if your language isn’t on WordPress’ list, there’s no easy way to add it in the core WordPress […]

Translation Management System for WordPress

What Is a Translation Management System? How to Use One on WordPress

In a nutshell, a translation management system helps you manage and automate the translation process of your website, mobile app, game, or other software. Offering your content in multiple languages is a great way to create a more user-friendly product and reach a bigger audience. However, properly translating and localizing all of your content can […]

WordPress multiple languages tutorial

WordPress Multiple Languages: Tools and Tutorial to Get Started

Looking for a way to offer WordPress in multiple languages? Creating a multilingual WordPress site is a great way to build a more user-friendly website and reach more visitors. But if you want to use multiple languages, you’ll need some help because WordPress doesn’t support multiple languages by default. In this post, we’ll cover the […]

WooCommerce Multi Language Tutorial

How to Create a WooCommerce Multi Language Site (Plugin & Tutorial)

Looking for an easy way to create a WooCommerce multi language store? Translating your store is a great way to improve your shopping experience and reach new potential customers through your marketing efforts. But if you want to fully translate and localize your store, you’ll need the help of the right plugin. In this post, […]

WordPress String Translation Tutorial

WordPress String Translation: Tutorial & Easiest Plugin to Translate Any String

Looking for the best solution for WordPress string translation? Fully translating and localizing your WordPress site requires more than just translating the content from the WordPress editor. You’ll also have content from your theme, plugins, widgets, etc. – that’s where WordPress string translation comes in. In this post, we’re going to show you how to […]