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6 Best Website Localization Services for WordPress or Other Platforms

Searching for the best website localization services to localize your site’s content? Translating your site’s content is an important part of website localization, but it’s not the only part. Localization is a more holistic process that focuses on fully adapting your website to create an optimized experience for different audiences. Because proper website localization can […]

detect browser language automatically

How to Detect Browser Language Automatically

Allowing users to view content in their preferred language is an essential feature of websites that aim to reach a global audience. As a site owner, you can easily do this by setting up your website to detect browser language automatically. Website translation is no doubt the first step to creating a multilingual website. But […]

Localization vs Translation: What Are the Main Differences?

While creating a high-converting multilingual site, one important task you’ll have to deal with is choosing between localization vs translation. Though both terms are often confused, localization and translation are unique concepts with a significant number of differences. Identifying the key differences between both processes before diving into either of them will help you execute […]

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO: A Comprehensive Guide to Global Website Optimization

Elevating your business to multi-national status is not magic. By localizing and translating your website, you can easily communicate with potential global clients about your products and services. But it’s not enough to translate and localize your website. Your efforts will only yield meaningful results when you go a step further to implement multilingual SEO. […]