Translate WordPress Partially - Exclude content from translation

How to Partially Translate WordPress (Exclude Posts, Pages, or Products)

Looking for a solution to partially translate WordPress and exclude WordPress pages, posts, or products from translation? While a lot of people want to create a fully multilingual site, you also might have some situations where you only want to translate parts of your WordPress website. With the free TranslatePress plugin, you can easily set […]

Increase Website Traffic Techniques

How to Increase Website Traffic (8 Proven Techniques)

Getting more visitors is the endgame for most websites. The more traffic you have, the more recurring users and conversions you might get. Since everyone is chasing after the same goal, it’s all too common to run into ‘get-traffic-quick’ schemes that can hurt your website in the long run. Learning how to increase website traffic […]

Accesible multilingual website tutorial

Creating an Accessible Multilingual WordPress Site

For anyone wanting to reach a wider audience, the biggest step you can take is to create an accessible, multilingual WordPress website. Not only will you extend your reach worldwide, but you’ll also boost your brand’s perception as well as ensuring you’re legally compliant. Interestingly, one study found that online shoppers are 80% more likely […]

How to Translate your Spanish website into English

How to Translate Your Spanish Website to English (In 5 Steps)

Learning how to translate your Spanish website to English can open a lot of doors – hundreds of millions, to be more specific. English is the third most spoken language in the world (right after Spanish). Moreover, it’s one of the primary languages of the web. Translating a website is usually a massive endeavor. However, […]

Translate Website Online Tutorial

How to Translate Your Entire Website Online – Complete Guide (2021)

Struggling with how to translate your website online, without needing to resort to clunky PO editors, code, or other complicated setups? Translating your website can help you create a better experience for your visitors, improve your marketing, and just generally create a more successful and user-friendly website. However, you want to make sure that you’re […]

WooCommerce Language Packs how to install

How to Install WooCommerce Language Packs: Complete Guide

Struggling with how to install WooCommerce language packs? Because WooCommerce is the most popular way to make an eCommerce store, it’s already been fully translated into most popular languages. From there, WooCommerce language packs let you add all of these translations to your store with just a few clicks. For example, if you want to […]

TranslatePress Free vs Pro

TranslatePress Free vs Pro: Which One Should You Pick?

Wondering whether you should use TranslatePress free vs pro? There are some decisions you’ll have to make when building a multilingual (or bilingual) website, and picking the right tool for the job is among the first ones. In this detailed comparison, we show you the differences between TranslatePress free vs pro, and share advice on […]