Meet TranslatePress AI: The Fastest Way to Go Multilingual

Going multilingual is a proven way to increase website traffic and improve conversions. It brings a lot of upside to any website that gets translated in multiple languages, but it’s not an easy endeavour to embark on, as it requires dedicated time and substantial effort to complete.

But what if things could be easier? What if you could literally turn an entire website multilingual in a matter of minutes? This is where TranslatePress AI comes into play.

TranslatePress AI is a tool designed to make your website multilingual with minimal effort and cost. It was built to remove all the friction and time spent when manually translating all website content.

Once enabled, TranslatePress AI will automatically translate your entire website in seconds, by combining the best neural machine translation engines into one integrated solution that is focused on maximal translation accuracy. You can then change only what’s not perfectly translated (which will be very little), having your multilingual site ready for launch in a fraction of the time.

More so, it’s available in all premium versions of TranslatePress.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive into why we built it and how you can use it on your TranslatePress powered multilingual website.

Why we built TranslatePress AI?

Our goal with TranslatePress was always to create the easiest and most intuitive tool to translate any WordPress site or WooCommerce store. The visual translation approach gives you context and ease of use, allowing you to translate what you see directly on the front-end of your website. You can navigate every page and translate all content manually, until your entire website in fully translated. This process, even if intuitive and clear, still takes a lot of time.

With TranslatePress AI, we’re taking things even further. We want to give users a huge head start, by having all content automatically translated in the selected languages, using a combination of the world’s leading neural machine translation engines, like DeepL and Google Translate.

Key features

  • Instantly Translated Site: once enabled, your entire website content is automatically translated.
  • Included in All Premium Plans: each premium plan includes a certain number of AI translated words which can be used to automatically translate your website.
  • Maximal Translation Accuracy: TranslatePress AI will choose the most suitable machine translation engine for any given language pair, ensuring maximal translation accuracy.
  • New Content Translation on Autopilot: every time you publish something new or update existing content, TranslatePress AI will detect and automatically translate it.

How to get started with TranslatePress AI

All you need for TranslatePress AI to work is a valid TranslatePress license.

Enter your license key, select the languages you want to make your website available in, enable Automatic Translation and let TranslatePress AI do the work.

TranslatePress AI setup

By enabling TranslatePress AI, your website content will be automatically translated in the languages you selected, in a matter of seconds. After, you can simply navigate to the front end of your website in any language using our visual translation editor, and make small edits, changing what’s not perfect.

That’s it! Your entire website is now fully translated.

What happens when I publish new content?

It’s pretty normal for a website content to change and grow, as new content is added. With TranslatePress AI enabled, new content on your website is automatically translated as you go. You won’t need to manually review or translate it unless you prefer to.

TranslatePress AI detects and translates any new content or changes, including SEO metadata, ensuring your translations are up to date and follow multilingual SEO best practices.

What if I need more words?

Each plan comes with a number of automatically translated words included. If your website content exceeds this number, you can purchase additional AI translated words from your account. Also, when you license gets renews, your quota gets replenished on top of what’s unused.

Remove the Slow, Manual Effort of Translating your WordPress Website

Thinking of experimenting with turning your website multilingual? You can go 100x faster by using TranslatePress AI. In just a few clicks you’ll have your entire website fully translated.

The best part? AI translations are included in all premium TranslatePress licenses, and there are no extra translations costs involved.

Once your website has been translated, you’ll start seeing your translated content rank in multiple languages and enjoy the good things that happen as a result of it.

TranslatePress Multilingual

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